Tutorial :How To Convert PDF to Kindle Format: Step By Step Instructions

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Well I possess a Kindle, Amazon’s E-Book Reader and wanted FREE software that could convert my PDFs to a Kindle Format. Note that Kindle books can be stored in any of the following: MOBI format (.prc/.mobi) or AZW format (.azw). The AZW format is Amazon’s own while the MOBI format was acquired by Amazon in 2005.

‘Finding a converter is not hard but finding a free one is.’

In the end, I only found 2 good free co
nverters: Mobipocket Creator and Calibre. While Calibre has a good and full fledged tutorial on http://calibre-ebook.com from where it can also be downloaded, Mobipocket Creator does have a good or descriptive tutorial.
OK, first thing’s first! Download Mobipocket from http://www.mobipocket.com/en/downloadsoft/default.asp?Language=EN.

NOTE: The example taken is “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins and the version used is the “Publisher” one. For most steps, the Publisher has other options as well but they aren’t needed for basic conversions!These options might be mentioned but will NOT be used.

8MB of setup should take 2-3 mins on a good Internet connection.

  1. After completing setup, clicking on it opens a familiar prompt (Welcome message) : Click on Run.
  2. Click on Next.
  3. Again, familiar T & C! Click on”I Agree” and then Next!
  4. Now you come to the edition selection. Here’s the catch; they are almost similar but the Publisher Edition is better by many reasons, MAJORLY because it can support direct PDF conversion. If you downloaded the Home Edition ( by accident or otherwise) do not worry and uninstall and re-install! There is a method, which is a little long-drawn!
  5. Next, you decide whether you or other users on the computer use it. Also, the folder where all related data is to be stored can also be chosen. Click on Next to proceed
  6. Congrats! MPC has been successfully downloaded.
  7. Click on the MPC icon where you’ll see the following screen:
  8. Go to ‘Import from existing file. The “Home” users would not find the “PDF” option here, but, as I said, not to worry; here’s why: Go to the desired PDF, click on “File” and then “Save as”. Now here’s the trick: save it as “Text”!

  9. Now for “Publisher” users,  go to the PDF option. For the PDF, “Home” users should select “Text”.

  10. Here come’s this window:
    Choose a File: INPUT FILE
    Create Publication in Folder: WHERE THE OUTPUT FILE SHOULD BE STORED
  11.  Click “Import”. Should take a few seconds.
  12. Another new screen! Not to hesitate. Click on “Build” on the upper right.
  13. Encrypt the file if wanted. Publisher users can compress i.e. reduce file size if they want. Click on “Build”.
  14. Almost there. Preview it, but it is not required! Do not worry if it’s written: “Build succeeded, but with warnings”.
  15. Go to the folder where the output file is. There would be some files ( if there are images in the PDF, they will also be there in .PNG format).  You are concerned with the  SQL Server Replication Snapshot Procedure Script file (.PRC). Usually .PRC is not mentioned but it is implied and can be checked in the as shown in the pictures:


    Location of output file.
  16. Copy this file to the “documents” folder inside your kindle’s folder!

CONGRATS! You have successfully converted your PDF to an E-Book!

Happy reading ( my blog as well as on your e-Reader!) 😛

Please write to me at raghav.batra.1997@gmail.com for any problems/suggestions!

Au revoir


14 thoughts on “Tutorial :How To Convert PDF to Kindle Format: Step By Step Instructions

    1. hey alex can you please tell me wether you have faced any format issues ? for example some sentences shown as boxes or the whole book can be converted without any such problem ?

  1. Guys kindly help me out, i am thinking of buying kindle 4 or kindle paperwhite, my major concern is will i face any format issues when converting from pdf to azw ? i heard not all of the text is converted.

  2. “Tutorial :How To Convert PDF to Kindle Format: Step By Step Instructions | THE TWISTS AND TURNS OF
    MY LIFE” was indeed a good posting. If only there were a lot more personal blogs similar to this amazing one in the actual net.

    At any rate, thanks a lot for your personal precious time, Courtney

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